Naruto Shippuden Movie 4 – The Lost Tower

Naruto Shippuden: The Lost Tower

The action scenes are superb, animation it’s awesome as usual in studio pierrot movies, the story is actually pretty good. it has time travel and a crazy villain. its more about naruto alone which is very cool.

Something that i like in naruto movies are the villains, in most shonen anime movies the common cliché is a team of some villains and their boss vs all the main characters. in naruto movies they come with some good creative ideas for this. This time there’s only one villain, a puppet master (i thought at the beginning of the movie he was pretty weak but at the last part when he is kicking everybody’s ass he feels pretty strong. he fights trough his puppets so we see various shapes of him.

It’s was great but i felt like naruto was the naruto from the time the previous movie came out, and i was expecting to see him in sennin mode kicking ass. the villain is good but the girl its only here for the almost give up-cheesy song before naruto’s speech. About minato and the others from the past: it totally feels like a metal gear experience, because they just appear at sometimes say some things and disappear, letting you return to the video game. They say that they have something important to do, which is not really important because every major event happens in front of naruto. also i read about kid kakashi being proud and bla bla bla in this movie: kakashi has 2 lines in the whole movie so don’t expect character development with him. I’m nitpicking i guess, its a great movie, it’s just that I’m a bitch like most anime fans.

JUST ONE THING, the last technique of the movie, BLEW MY MIND! that technique its the most awesome thing in all naruto movies ever, it all comes down to a final rasengan…