Boruto Episode 154: HImawari’s Ninja Trial Session

Walking around Konohagakure, Himawari passes through several businesses, including Ino’s and Tenten’s shops. Hinata, Hanabi, and Boruto discuss Himawari’s career path. Hanabi thinks Himawari will become a shinobi like other Hyūga, but Hinata and Boruto think the decision rests with Himawari. Hanabi offers her a pamphlet, showing that the Academy is holding a one-day trial, in case Himawari wants to get a feel of what being a shinobi is like. Himawari thinks it might be fun, and accepts.

The lesson is overseen by Iruka and Shino. During introductions, the other students are surprised that Himawari is the Hokage’s daughter. Their first lesson is an obstacle course, where Ehō and Himawari do the best. Next, Shino demonstrates walking on vertical surfaces, and though none of the students are able to do it, Himawari is almost able to do it, impressing everyone. They move on to target practice with shurikenjutsu. Yuina is impressed by Himawari’s performance, who explains she sometimes trains with her brother. Ehō wants to be Himawari’s rival, and is surprised that she still doesn’t know if she wants to be a shinobi. He feels self-conscious about being out-performed by someone who isn’t sure they’ll be a shinobi, and becomes stand-offish with Himawari. Anko takes the students to a simple mission. Iruka and Shino discuss the possibility of Himawari joining the Academy. Iruka, as principal, bemoans the fact that he doesn’t get to interact with students during classes, so Shino invites him to observe with him.

The students’ mission is to find a lost cat at Senju Park. They’re given flares to signal if they think the mission is impossible to continue, at which point adults will intervene, though that also means they fail the mission. Though the park is vast, Yuina finds tracks. Iruka and Shino observe them. Noticing Himawari’s hesitation, Ehō tells her leave if she doesn’t want to take part in it, and throws a rock in frustration. The rock knocks a hornet hive, and the hornets chase them. Himawari considers using the flare, but Ehō doesn’t let her. They manage to get away from the hornets, and he splits from Himawari, taking Yuina with him. Iruka and Shino approach her, and tell her it’s okay for her not to know if she wants to be a shinobi, which motivates her to carry on. Ehō and Yuina manage to find the cat, but end up falling into a well. Himawari uses her Byakugan to look for them. Though she finds them, Ehō refuses to let her help him. He prepares to use his flare, so Himawari jumps down the well to stop him, and motivates him not to give up. The three of them lean on each other to climb out of the well. Ehō apologises for his behaviour towards Himawari, and tries to get her to hit him as punishment. The teachers watch from a distance, satisfied with the result. At home, Himawari tells her brother and mother she wants to learn more about all kinds of jobs and insists Boruto to help her out.