Boruto Episode 153: Harmony in Gold

the new member is Kurogane Tsubaki, who is from an iron country. In addition, this change occurred because Kakei Sumire had been transferred to the scientific ninja tool team. If you are not aware, Iron Country is famous for producing extraordinary Samurai.

Besides that, he is an excellent Samurai who has pride in his abilities. But still, Team 15’s performance was lower than expected. While Team 15 is on a joint mission with Team 5 – Yuino Iwabee from Team 5 takes all the praise.

Kurogane’s suggestion is to compete with each other to find out who will play the most active role in the counterattack of the mission and cause many mistakes during the mission.

Team 5 and Team 15 are two potential teams in Boruto’s younger generation. But they have so far only been highlighted in filler episodes. Well, the preview of Boruto’s episode 153 shows that the next episode seems to be highlighting these two teams. Tsubaki, the samurai in Team 15, narrated that he wanted Team 15’s score to exceed Team 5. The exact reason is unknown, because Team 15 itself was highlighted very little in the preview. But from Tsubaki’s words, it seems that Team 15 is often teased by Iwabe and others from Team 5.