Boruto Episode 147: The Fateful Moonlit Battle

Tsukiyo attacks Kokuri with his shadow, which Mitsuki blocks. Sarada compares his jutsu to the Nara clan’s. Tsukiyo explains that under a full moon, his jutsu can manifest the most of its power, and manifests shadow versions of the genin, which can also use their jutsu. Since the shadows are evenly matched, they attempt to attack Tsukiyo himself, but the shadows intercept the genin. Kokuri despairs. Prison guards discover Benga’s body.

As they fight, the genin realise that their shadows are also using their chakra for using jutsu. Kokuri hands Boruto a notebook with every information on the Mujina Gang he has, in case Tsukiyo kills him. The guards turn on the searchlights, looking for escapees. Kokuri notices the shadows avoid having their connection with the genin under the searchlights. Tsukiyo uses his lightning to take down the men operating the searchlights. Kokuri protects Boruto from his shadow’s attack. Sarada punches the ground, the dust giving them cover. Prison guards find Tsukiyo, who attacks them with the genin’s shadows. Kokuri informs the genin of what he has discerned about Tsukiyo’s jutsu. The genin attack their shadows and Tsukiyo, creating a smokescreen and a distraction, giving Kokuri time to get to a searchlight, which dissipates the shadows. Tsukiyo procures a sword out of his own shadow, which doesn’t fade under the searchlight. Mitsuki and Sarada accelerate Boruto at Tsukiyo, who is thrown out of the cliff side. Tsukiyo pulls Kokuri down from a rock halfway down where he landed, but the rock breaks, and both of them fall down to the ocean. Mitsuki stops Boruto from going after them, noting the strong currents. Kokuri manages to get back, reminding them of his swimming aptitude, claiming Tsukiyo ran out of strength and drowned. Prison guards arrive with Konoha shinobi, including Sai, who explains that Naruto got concerned after they lost contact with Mujō, so he contacted and coordinated with Kusagakure. Sai also informs them that while bold, their escape attempt was unnecessary, as Kokuri’s sentence had been unlawfully extended. Boruto passes Kokuri’s intel on to Sai. They depart Hōzuki Castle, once again under Mujō’s authority. At the Konoha Police, Kokuri corroborates his intel on the Mujina Bandits, including their boss and his jutsu, and later leaves under a new identity. He arrives at a Mujina Bandits hideout, where he reveals himself as their leader Shojoji, who had taken Tsukiyo’s identity to go after Kokuri, and then Kokuri while the two where under the water. He laments having had his jutsu and identity revealed to Konoha, but is sure luck will favour him again.