Boruto Episode 146: Executing the Prison Break!

Boruto and Mitsuki move Kokuri around at night, Mitsuki relying on his snakes to alert him of the guards’ movements. As they near the tank, Kokuri is concerned by Sarada’s lack of communication, but Boruto is confident she’ll pull through. Sarada is unconscious, and the water level at her location is rising. Benga goes through Sarada’s belongings, and finds evidence of her working with Boruto, Mitsuki, and Kokuri. Benga goes to Boruto’s cell, where he destroys Boruto’s shadow clone with a fire punch.

He orders the guards to find them, with orders not to engage them and notify him. The prisoners are riled up by an escape attempt. Benga fails to have Kedama inform on the fugitives. After he leaves, Kedama discovers a hole dug up by Mitsuki. Boruto tells the others his shadow clone was discovered. Sarada wakes up, and is surprised by the presence of seawater underground, before moving to join the others, and notices the rising water level. Benga discovers Sarada’s notes on using the old water tank. Benga sends a summoning after the fugitives. The two-headed, fire-breathing hound attacks them. Mitsuki uses Lightning Release to collapse the ceiling on it. They arrive at the water tank just in time for it to finish emptying. They need to keep moving to avoid Benga’s hound. Sarada is saved from the rising water by Kedama, who explains the location was part of his failed break out plan involving the spring tide, and that Benga is aware of theirs. He directs her to the tank, and she moves on ahead to join the others. Boruto and the others find barrier tags, which they discover to trigger the Heavenly Prison. The hound catches up to them, and so does Benga, who explains the hound is passed down by wardens to hunt down fugitives. The hound dodges Mitsuki’s Lightning Release, and knocks him down when he tries to restrain it. Kokuri attempts to flee, but triggers the Heavenly Prison. Sarada arrives, and punches a hole in the ground, allowing the spring tide to remove Kokuri’s Heavenly Prison and wash away Benga and his hound. Kedama walks around, and comes across Doragu. He tells Doragu he’s free to snitch to Benga, and Doragu notices Kedama’s Heavenly Prison is undone. Benga prevents Haie from asking reinforcements from Kusagakure. He tries to claim his reward from Tsukiyo, but he can tell Benga is lying. He has Benga remove his Heavenly Prison by promising to take care of Kokuri’s accomplices, and kills Benga. Tsukiyo attacks Kokuri and the genin by the shore.