Boruto Episode 145: Breaking out of Hozuki Castle

Mitsuki draws seagulls in with a call, while Boruto spreads bread crumbs around. Boruto, Mitsuki, and Kokuri are ordered to clean the bird droppings. They use the opportunity to go over escape plans with Sarada. Mitsuki has used his snakes to discover an escape route, and Boruto has learned from Doragu the upcoming schedule of food supply ships. However, they still have to remove the Heavenly Prison jutsu from Kokuri.

Based on Sarada’s research, Mitsuki had to tamper with the above ground drinking water tank, which they can’t get Kokuri next to, so the prison employs its spare underground tank, which takes in and filters seawater. The tank is new, but the older, unused underground water tank is still in place, and should have minimal security on it. Sarada intends to tamper with the valves so it will be filled up as well. They arrange a signal to let them know when they can move Kokuri. Kedama spots one of Mitsuki’s lookout snakes, but assures them he’s only there for the bird droppings. Concerned about Kedama’s history of snitching, Mitsuki follows him, and binds him with snakes, surprising him by being able to use ninjutsu. Mitsuki can tell Kedama is hiding something, and sympathises with him, recalling his own time infiltrating enemies. Kedama reveals how his plan to escape with his friend Kiku resulted in his death. Benga discovered Kiku, and instead of allowing their deaths making them martyrs to inspire other prisoners to keep defying the staff, he lied and said Kedama reported the escape attempt, turning the inmates against him. Kedama didn’t deny it because he felt guilty over being late to escape with Kiku, and assures Mitsuki he won’t tell anyone. Doragu, who in reality answers to Benga, reports that Boruto has asked about the food supply ships, and that Sarada has asked Tsukiyo about his relationship with Benga. Benga has guards look for Sarada, who creates a distraction to turn the tank valve. Benga intercepts Sarada underground, and when she tries to force him to leave her alone by implying her knowledge of his abuse of power, he attacks her with Fire Release. She dodges it, but his attacks hit a gas line, and the explosion causes the floor to collapse, and Sarada falls through. Kedama overhears Benga calling off the search for Sarada, and his command to stay away from the gas leak in the underground, but makes no mention of it to Boruto and Mitsuki. Despite the lack of signal, Boruto trusts that Sarada managed to carry out her part of the plan, so their escape is still on schedule.