Boruto Episode 144: Kokuri’s Secret

Boruto and Mitsuki discuss Kokuri, and ask him about the money he stole from the Mujina. Kamata tries ingratiating himself to Kokuri to know about the money. Benga is suspicious of the group. Benga visits Tsukiyo, who tries to get him to transfer Kokuri to another Hōzuki Castle where Tsukiyo’s underlings can kill him.

Benga tries getting information on Boruto and Kokuri from Kamata, pressuring about his sick sister and the money he won from Doragu, and offering him hamburgers. He reveals he got the hamburgers with Kamata’s earnings, and has the letter he wrote he sister, where he claims to have saved a boy from a rogue ninja in the Land of Lightning. He threatens to reveal her his crimes, and offers to let him see her after her surgery if he can find out what Boruto and Kokuri are up to. Mitsuki sees Kedama looking over the ruined flowerbed, and Kedama claims not to remember why he looked after them. Boruto has Sarada put Kokuri under genjutsu, making him see Tsukiyo beating Boruto and asking him about the money. Kokuri reveals he donated it all. Kamata overhears it. Mitsuki confirms it, seeing in the news that the Medical Foundation recently received a mysterious donation. Kokuri explains he used to be an accountant, and regularly moved money around on behalf of the company’s clients. One day, he learned it was the Mujina’s money, putting it together from various newspapers reporting their robberies, and ran away in desperation, not noticing he still held the Mujina’s latest earnings. He donated it, but was later spotted by Mujina members, who chased him until he jumped down a waterfall and sway away. Determined to atone, he tried to stop a men from pickpocketing a woman, but it turned out the woman was the pickpocket, and he was charged as her accomplice. Kamata overhears everything, and is conflicted, having learned Kokuri’s donation helped his sick sister. Shikamaru and Sai report to Naruto that Kusagakure informed them Kokuri is to be paroled, so they have to inform Team 7 and coordinate with Mujō. Kamata lies to Benga about there being nothing between Boruto and Kokuri, but Benga knows his tells, and beats him up. He has Haie send Kamata to solitary and extend his sentence. Mujō informs Benga of Kokuri’s parole, and has him suspended for arbitrarily extending prisoners’ sentences. Mujō’s condition acts up, and Benga keeps him from taking his medicine. He burns up Kokuri’s parole order, takes control of the prison, and informs Tsukiyo he’ll have Kokuri transferred. At night, Boruto notices Kamata’s absence, and everyone is notified that Benga is in charge. Benga informs Kokuri of his upcoming transfer. Boruto decides to break out before Kokuri can be transferred.