Boruto Episode 134: The Power to Read the Future

The Power to See the Future’ revealed that Urashiki’s ability involved limited time-jumping. He’s able to jump a few seconds into the future, see the outcome, and come back to avoid it. Apparently, this ability’s supposed to be for defensive reasons. However, Urashiki’s pride in front of weak opponents made him use it offensively.

I liked how the writers allowed Boruto, Naruto, and Jiraiya to figure out what Urashiki was up to. Even though the Naruto and Boruto franchise evolved to feature powerful terrain-changing battles, the fight sequences are always more fun (in my opinion) when characters use more ninja-like skills and come up with strategies to ensure a win.

After noticing how quickly the blood on Urashiki’s clothes was drying, our heroes decided to test a theory and it worked in their favor. Even though Boruto, Naruto, and Jiraiya are weaker than Urashiki, the fact they used his pride against him helped made their victory make sense. However, from the preview of the upcoming episode, it seems their victory is going to be shortlived.