Boruto Episode 125: Boruto and Shinki

Shinki continues towards the Land of Fire, while Shukaku wonders how Boruto is doing. Boruto attempts to hide from Urashiki to buy Shinki time, but Urashiki finds him with his Byakugan. Shinki arrives at the Land of Fire border, but is stopped by Mirai, who recognises him as Gaara’s son. He doesn’t attack, but stresses the urgency of his mission to speak with the Hokage. He can’t share the details with anyone lower than chūnin, so Sai offers to hear him, having been sent to investigate Sasuke’s lack of communication. Shinki informs him of the situation.

Sai orders border patrol to be on high alert, Mirai and Shinki to stand by, while he takes Shukaku to Naruto. Urashiki attacks Boruto, destroying the clone disguised as Shinki. Using Shikadai’s chakra, he pins Boruto with his shadow, and discovers the kettle with him is a decoy. Urashiki intends to use Boruto as a hostage and trade him for Shukaku. Boruto manages to land a superficial hit with a clone. Urashiki attempts to steal Boruto’s chakra, but is blocked by Shinki’s Iron Sand.

Shinki tells Boruto he’s guaranteed Shukaku’s safety, and proceeds to attempt crushing Urashiki. Urashiki breaks free of the Iron Sand, switches to the Rinnegan, and attacks. Boruto sends a Lightning Release shuriken, which Urashiki blocks, but the charge goes through his fishing rod just the same. He evades their attacks by teleporting. Boruto’s eye activates, which Urashiki recognises. He uses Temari’s chakra as a distraction to attack Shinki, but Boruto’s eye allows him to detect where Urashiki’s portal will appear. Using clones as bait for Urashiki to destroy, they manage to corner him and land attacks, managing to break one of his horns. Urashiki strikes to kill, but his attack is blocked by Sasuke, who was able to track Urashiki through his constant use of Space-Time Ninjutsu through the fight. Sasuke attacks, but changing his eyes again, Urashiki disappears, but not through a portal, leaving behind crane origami of the same red energy that comprises his fishing rod and hook, which disappear shortly after. Sasuke is out of chakra, unable to pursue him, and Boruto and Shinki pass out from exhaustion. Gaara wakes up in a Sunagakure hospital, to Yodo and Araya’s relief. Kankurō is battered up, but alive.

A search party finds Temari and Shikadai, and informs them of Kankurō’s status. Naruto is informed of the situation by Shukaku, wanting to leave immediately, but Sasuke arrives and stays his hand. Three days later, Naruto discusses the issue with Gaara, who wants to warn the other Kage. Shikadai informs Boruto that Shinki has been discharged, and Boruto rushes to the train station to say good bye. Shinki asks Gaara what he meant before, as he feels he has learned nothing from Boruto. Boruto arrives, and reprimands Shinki for not saying good bye to his friend. Shinki acts haughty, but smiles anyway as he leaves.

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