Boruto Episode 122: The Puppet Battle!

Kankurō battles Urashiki’s puppets to buy Shinki and Boruto more time. As the puppets increase in numbers, Kankurō summons more puppets to battle his foes. He is overwhelmed and decides to self-destruct his puppets to destroy the remaining enemies. Temari and Shikadai arrive at Sunagakure where Temari dreads something bad has happened.

Boruto and Shinki see an explosion where Kankurō was fighting. Boruto fights with Shinki that they should go back and see if Kankurō is okay and assist him but Shinki advises against it as he states that shinobi from Sunagakure will do anything to protect one another even self-destructing their bodies to destroy the enemy for good. Boruto is angry that Shinki is cold about Kankurō’s well-being and Shinki is angry about Boruto not being able to prioritise the mission first before lives. Shukaku appears and tells Boruto how Shinki was similar to Gaara until Gaara was saved by Naruto who gave him a different path of instead of fight for hatred to fight to protect people and never give up on that. This surprises Boruto, who decides to go see if Kankurō is okay.

Temari and Shikadai meet up with Yodo and Araya where they inform them that Urashiki teleported Sasuke to another dimension and Shukaku was targeted. Temari orders them to continue escorting Gaara back to Sunagakure. Temari and Shikadai meet with Boruto, who is also there to find Kankurō. Temari deduces that Shinki and Boruto had an argument. She is touched by Boruto’s dedication for Kankurō but reminds him that a shinobi must not let their emotions get the better in the mission. Shikadai notices a pile of the destroyed puppets and a hole next to it burrowing down in the sand. Temari, Boruto, and Shikadai go to search for Kankurō, but also fear something bad is happening to Shinki as well. Shinki is attacked by one of Urashiki’s puppet where he goes out on full battle. Urashiki escapes from his seal, which Gaara senses.