Boruto Episode 119: Konohamaru’s Ninja Way

The wedding ceremony between Kankitsu and Remon begins. Boruto and Konohamaru rush back to Daidai village. Kankitsu and Remon join hands, and are instructed to cut the stone’s horns to keep Sōma sealed. A ghostly aura connects them to the statue, and they’re given swords to cut the horns.

Kankitsu strikes to rock’s binding ropes instead, to everyone’s shock. Kankitsu grabs Remon’s hand by force and continues the ritual. Konohamaru and Boruto arrive. Kankitsu proclaims he fulfilled his duty and passes out. Sōma manifests from the remains of the stone. It attacks Remon and Kankitsu, but Konohamaru pulls them out of the way. Boruto attempts to attack Sōma with kunai and Wind Release, to no avail. Sōma goes through some of the villagers in the cave, eating their memories.

Konohamaru instructs Boruto evacuate them. Konohamaru attempts to fight Sōma, but it avoids him, and goes for Remon. Konohamaru gets in its way, and creating two shadow clones, attempts to seal it with one of his grandfather’s seals. It merely restricts Sōma’s movements for a while. They leave the cave. Kankitsu wakes up, now free of Sōma’s influence, and recounts how he fell under its control. Boruto stresses that physical attacks and ninjutsu don’t work against it, and Konohamaru points out it seemed to evade him. Remon says it only fears Kuen’s hair clip, which Konohamaru has. Remon wants to seal Sōma inside her body, Kankitsu stressing the risks.

They explain how Kuen did the same long ago, but lost all her memories as a consequence, being barely able to transfer it to the rock, and only managed to cut one of the manifested horns on herself. The hair clip can’t protect one’s memories when they have Sōma sealed inside. They hear Konohamaru’s seal about to break, so he and Boruto go back in. Just as Sōma attacks them, Konohamaru summons a monkey, Enra. Konohamaru informs Enra of Sōma’s abilities, and Enra transforms into a staff at his instruction. Dodging Sōma, Boruto covers the cave with several tags. Sōma attacks Konohamaru, who blocks his blasts with Enra. Konohamaru uses the staff to create a seal with the tags Boruto planted.

A spectral monkey hand grabs Sōma, who struggles to break free. Enra comments Konohamaru doesn’t have enough chakra, and the seal breaks. Enra’s transformation and summoning dispel. Remon arrives with the hair clip, and seals Sōma inside herself. She struggles to keep it contained, and asks Konohamaru to cut the horns before losing her memories. Thinking back to his experiences with Remon, Konohamaru cuts the horns, destroying Sōma. Remon wakes up at home with Kankitsu and Asaki at her side. She doesn’t remember them, or who she is. Konohamaru and Boruto leave Daidai village without saying goodbye to Remon, despite Boruto’s insistence. Kankitsu brings Remon a Lightning Burger lemon burger. She enjoys it, but cries, finding it somehow nostalgic. Boruto brings one to Konohamaru as well, at Hiruzen’s head in the Hokage Rock.