Boruto Episode 118: Something That Steals Memories

Konohamaru decides he and Boruto should go looking for Asaki themselves. They see Kankitsu leaving Remon’s home, and Konohamaru decides to tail him, instructing Boruto to find Asaki. Konohamaru follows Kankitsu to a site, where he’s spotted by Kankitsu’s subordinates.

Kankitsu informs him only people from the Daidai village are allowed on the site, and that he’ll file a complaint about him with Konohagakure. His subordinates escort him out. Boruto spots Kankitsu when he returns, but also Asaki, and goes to talk to her. She doesn’t recognise him, but spots Kankitsu with Remon’s hair clip in the distance, and advises Boruto to leave. Asaki follows Kankitsu to the sealing rock, and Boruto follows her. She stops Kankitsu from destroying the hair clip, which ends up with Boruto. Asaki accuses Kankitsu of not being himself. Kankitsu surmises he has to do more than erase her memories, and moves in to finish her. Boruto forces his retreat with thrown kunai. He refuses to explain his intentions, adding Boruto would only forget them anyway, and produces several will-o’-the-wisps that follow Boruto around. Boruto dodges several of them, and Asaki blocks one with her own body.

She grows antlers, which send two wisps back to Kankitsu, and passes out. Boruto blocks the next wisp, and while surprised by the hair clip protecting him, he’s hit with another one from behind. Two wisps also leave his body through antlers. Boruto’s memories of events since going to the movies are compromised. He flees the site with the hair clip, and continues to struggle with his memories. He falls into a river, and Kankitsu ceases the search. Due to Kankitsu’s complaint, Konohamaru is placed under house arrest. Kankitsu informs Remon he’s pushing up the wedding ritual, claiming Sōma is getting stronger.

Remon asks about Asaki’s absence. Kankitsu lies about it, and says he’ll let her know if he sees her. Boruto arrives home, and when asked by his mother and sister, he can’t remember how he acquired the hair clip. Konohamaru spends the night researching. Sarada asks what Boruto did, believing Konohamaru’s house arrest to be the result of him covering for something Boruto did. Throughout the day, Boruto stumbles upon reminders of his experiences with Remon, until he finally remembers everything. He rushes back home to retrieve the hair clip, and go sees Konohamaru, who has found something in his research. Boruto reveals to Konohamaru that Kankitsu’s the one stealing people’s memories. The two move out to return to Daidai village.