Boruto Episode 114: X Cards Proxy War!

While walking through Konoha, Sarada spots Boruto, Metal Lee, and Shikadai eagerly opening Extreme: Shinobi Picture Scrolls packs. Sarada asks them about it, and they explain about its popularity. Boruto is bummed to get yet another repeat card of his father, and Sarada considers all three immature for being so into it.

Chōchō calls her to try another new dessert, and Boruto considers them the same as well. While comparing new cards, the boys run into Shino, who gets uncomfortable learning Kiba and Akamaru are featured in the cards while he isn’t. The three know how strong Shino is, and Boruto wants to make him a card, pointing out the Kaminarimon Company manufactures them.

They manage to get an audience with Denki’s father, who shows them a list of the next card series, which still has an open spot. Denki’s father has such respect for shinobi he’s having a hard time picking a final one. They advocate for Shino’s inclusion, but Metal Lee ends up suggesting his own father, also not present in the list. Denki’s father can’t make up his mind, so Denki suggests they pick the one who’ll make a bigger profit. The company will make a survey and let the customers decide who’ll get the final spot. Boruto and Shikadai campaign for Shino with shadow clones and distributing leaflets, and Metal and Denki, who Rock Lee once trained, put advertisements on the trains.

Checking on the current tally, Rock Lee is leading the votes, so to raise Shino’s profile, Boruto has Iwabee make a Shino stone face near the Hokage Rock with his Earth Release in exchange for one of the super rare Seventh Hokage duplicate cards Boruto has. Metal uses taijutsu to try carving Shino’s face into his father’s. Boruto creates shadow clones to use Wind Release: Gale Palm to carve Shino’s face back. Shikadai thinks it’ll all end in trouble and leaves. Boruto and Metal end up carving the giant stone face into a small statue, and are stopped by Shino and Rock Lee. They say they don’t want to stand out like that, but appreciate their effort.

They notice a fire nearby and the genin worry they won’t be able to rescue the person in it in time. Rock Lee kicks the statue into the building’s water tank, and Shino uses his insects to remove the person from the fire. When the second series is released, Boruto calls Shikadai out for just abandoning their efforts. When they open their packs, there are both Rock Lee and Shino cards. Denki explains that their profiles were significantly raised by the fire rescue, increasing both of their demands, leading Denki’s father to add an extra spot. However, they keep getting duplicates again. Sarada and Chōchō leave for a second round of new desserts.