Boruto Episode 110: The Steam Ninja Scrolls, The Reviving Hot Springs!

Mirai is sceptical about Tatsumi’s claim of a hot spring where when one can see the dead. Tatsumi says she came all this way to see her mother, sceptical at first as well, but she had to try. She asks if Mirai doesn’t want to see her father. Mirai excuses herself. She thinks to herself she has a mission, but ends up changing her mind. She tells Tatsumi she’ll go with her, if only to protect her. Tatsumi is glad, and informs her they have to go, as they can only supposedly meet the dead at night.

Mirai hopes to be back by morning. Walking through the village at night, they note how the atmosphere is different when it’s empty. On their way, they replenish their water on a spring. Mirai tastes iron in the water. Mirai asks Tatsumi what she wants to say to her mother, and Tatsumi explains she wants to apologise for a fight they had the day before she died. Mirai wants to ask her father who the “king” is. Mirai helps Tatsumi crossing difficult spots, impressing her with her shinobi skills.

Someone spies on them. They arrive at a fork on the road, and the girl who spied on them approaches them, offering to take them to the hot spring, claiming to have been there herself and have met with her dead brother. She directs them to a cave behind a waterfall. As they approach the spring, Mirai smells sulphur. They meet several girls, some of whom have been waiting for a month, and they rejoice that there are now twenty of them, the number required for a ceremony. The attendants tell them they’ll begin soon, and lead them to a room where they meet Ryūki. Mirai asks him how he’ll let them see the dead, earning her reproach from other believers.

He tells them of a shinobi who once used a jutsu to reincarnate the dead from the great wars, which Mirai recognises as Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation. Ryūki claims the jutsu disgraced the dead and required a living sacrifice, but through his research, was able to learn a jutsu that wouldn’t have these consequences and requirements.

Ryūki directs one of the women to the spring, having her name and the name of the one she wishes to see. The others hear her speaking through the steam. Tatsumi is next, and recognises her mother’s voice calling out to her. When Mirai gives her name and that of her father, Ryūki recognises her family name, and directs her to the steam. Ryūki has a Jashin symbol on his ring. Mirai seems a figure in the steam in her father’s shape.