Kawaki Has Not Killed Naruto Uzumaki

We will going to discuss what has happened to Naruto Uzumaki in Boruto, and what Kawaki actually means when he says that he is going to send Boruto Uzumaki where he sent his father, Naruto Uzumaki. Has Kawaki killed Naruto or will he really be sent to some other place? This is a question that I will try to answer and discuss some possibilities that might happen in future in Boruto Anime.

At first, it was very much understood that Kawaki killed Naruto Uzumaki at the start of the Boruto series. However, the very first arc changed my opinion. The concept of parallel dimension was introduced in Boruto in the Nue Arc.It is very much possible that Kawaki might have sent Naruto to this dimension. Kawaki might have the ability to trap people in this dimension but more importantly it will mean that Naruto Uzumaki is not dead and is just trapped in a parallel dimension from where he could be rescued later.

Now some theories suggest that it might turn out to be Naruto Uzumaki, the seventh Hokage’s big plan to get trapped in the parallel dimension. He might let Kawaki believe that he outsmarted Naruto Uzumaki,but in reality it could be a well-thought-out plan. Think about it. Kawaki cannot be the only villain. There has to be a threat of the Otsutsuki Clan on the cards as well. I believe that Naruto might be in another dimension, where he is trying to fight, and finish the Ōtsutsuki clan all on his own without causing further damage to the Earth.

In the meantime, he trusts his son Boruto Uzumaki to finish off Kawaki in Konohagakure. It also makes sense, as Ōtsutsuki clan has been an ever present threat for centuries since the time when Kaguya first used infinite Tsukuyomi. Ōtsutsuki clan needs to be dealt with and Naruto Uzumaki might think battling them in parallel dimension without any sort of intrusion, and protecting the Earth from damages in not a bad idea.

Also, when you come to think of it, the only eye that has the ability to see these passages to the parallel dimension is Jougan, Boruto Uzumaki’s special dōjutsu. So, Kawaki and Boruto might be battling for this reason too as Kawaki might be thinking that Boruto is the only thorn in his side to get rid of Naruto Uzumaki once in for all, and that is why he needs to finish him off.
And on the other hand Boruto will be fighting and trying to get rid of Kawaki, so that he can save his father and others trapped in the parallel dimension. Boruto Uzumaki by then seems to be of the same age that Naruto Uzumaki was at the time of the Fourth Great Ninja War. So, by then, Boruto might have a lot of new abilities, and will be strong. The most awaited thing for me is that will he be stronger than Naruto Uzumaki in years to come?

Now the other theory that brings another perspective in our heads is that the Ōtsutsuki Arc and the Kawaki Arc might not be coincidental at all. This perspective suggests that they might be like the Pain Arc, and Madara Arc in Naruto. This might be the moment where Boruto gains its hype, and what better way to do it than to tease the death of a fan favourite.During the Pain arc, we saw the death of Kakashi. But did he die? No. Similarly, I’m adamant that Naruto is alive. Boruto having a Dōjutsu that detects barriers in space and time, and Naruto being stuck in another space-time just ties in too perfectly, and I think this is why the Jougan was given to Boruto Uzumaki. It didn’t happen out of nowhere. This is foreshadowing that other dimensions are going to play a part in Boruto.

he final thing that I will want to share is that the people in Japan do not deaths that are shown in Shonen manga, and specially the death of their favourite characters. There have even been cases in which the manga had to be unpublished because of the negative response it got because of killing a fan favourite character. Naruto Uzumaki is a fan favourite, and I think that killing him in future will be almost impossible as it might turn out to be a negative move for the entire series. I’m sure the creators have this in mind, and they don’t want to kill off the reason why Boruto is actually popular.

Now, that I have discussed some possible theories you decide for yourself which me is the best, and has the chance to be the right theory in the future. Also, the credit of the above possible theories goes to their writers. Do tell us what your views are on this theory that’s about why Kawaki has not killed Naruto Uzumaki. You can leave your views in the comments section below.