Boruto Episode 97: Shikadai’s Decision

Team 10 captures a bandit group at a wind power plant. One of the assailants drops an explosive tag when Shikadai hurries to catch him himself, damaging part of the structure. Inojin and Chōchō comment on Shikadai being a bit off and impatient.

A month prior, Temari is invited to attend a banquet where important Land of Wind figures will meet. Enchū discusses politics and appearances with Shikamaru, and presses on the need of Shikadai’s improvement with the Nara’s shadow jutsu, which Shikadai overhears. After he leaves, Shikadai asks his father why he puts up with Enchū, who in turn explains they’ve been indebted to the clan elder since Shikaku’s time. In the present, Shikadai’s genin friends discuss his struggles at the Lightning Burger. Boruto questions why Shikadai doesn’t use Wind Release any more, and Shikadai and Denki relate to feeling under pressure due to family affairs. Team 10 is left on standby regarding an upcoming delegation from the Land of Wind to visit a power plant like the one they’ve defended. Later that day, Shikadai learns his team was put on standby because of a request put in by Enchū, who wants to prevent Shikadai from jeopardising the clan’s reputation, and instead counsels him to get into politics.

Enchū agrees to stop meddling with Shikamaru if Shikadai agrees to his proposal. When Shikadai brings it up with his family, Temari is surprised by it, but Shikamaru supports him, on the condition he’s doing that for himself. Shikadai informs Moegi and his friends about his decision. Shikadai visits the wind power plant he protected with Denki, who helps maintain their systems. Shikadai informs Denki of his intended career change, but before they can discuss it, an issue arises with one of the batteries due to the structure damage.

While Denki tries fixing the problem, he tells Shikadai how he intends to use his situation to improve the village. When Denki’s solution doesn’t work, he speculates there must be a cut wire. One of the windmill turbines connected to the affected battery can resolve the situation, so Shikadai uses Wind Release to turn it, allowing Denki to fix the issue. A part of the ceiling collapses, but Shikadai saves Denki with his Shadow Imitation Technique. Shikadai decides he won’t be a politician after all. He informs his parents, and asks Temari to teach him proper Wind Release. Enchū arrives with forms for Shikadai to sign, but he tells him he changed his mind. Enchū is done with them. Later, at the Lightning Burger, Shikadai informs his friends about his change of mind for not becoming a politician, much to their surprise.