Boruto Episode 94: A Heaping Helping! The Eating Contest!

Several cooks discuss an upcoming eating contest, and wonder how to account for Chōji Akimichi’s participation. Chōji watches the announcement of the Parent and Child Day holiday on tv, keeps on flicking through channels and eating. Seeing her father, Chōchō asks Karui why she married him.

Karui doesn’t quite remember, and gets angry with him for having eaten by himself the snacks she had bought for them to have together. Karui throws him out when he asks her to buy more chips when she goes out to replenish the snacks. Chōji and Chōchō run into Boruto, and they explain their situation. Chōchō spots an advert for a Parent and Child Day eating contest, and wants to enter it with her father, so he can prove to Karui he’s a role model for their daughter. At the contest, they also find Sai and Inojin, Rock Lee, Metal Lee, Shikamaru and Shikadai participating as well. Chōji and Chōchō advance to the second round, and are surprised when another team ties with them. The Nara and Yamanaka also advance to the second round.

The team who tied with the Akimichi, the Dōtonbori, introduce themselves and boast that they’ll win. The Akimichi, the Dōtonbori, and the Nara advance to the semi-finals. One of the cooks watches them, and later conspires with the Dōtonbori, afraid that Chōji will make her shop go bankrupt if he wins. The Dōtonbori and the Akimichi advance to the finals. Karui watches the contest, and Boruto spots Shino in the audience with his Kurama doll. While the Akimichi recover, Karui expresses her doubts over the value of the eating contest and their recklessness. Boruto wants to try the spicy burgers from the semi-finals, and manages to find leftovers of the Dōtonbori, but finds them not to be spicy at all.

During the final, the conspiring cook put shallow bowls for the Dōtonbori to give them an advantage. Boruto brings them their meal in the regular bowls. Chōchō struggles to finish the dishes by herself, and reminds Chōji that delicious meals are meant to be eaten together, something Karui also shouts from the audience. With newfound determination, the Akimichi catch up to the Dōtonbori. The cook interferes using ninjutsu to cause their dumplings to grow. Rock and Metal try to deal with it, but are ineffective. Karui uses Lightning Release to release her daughter, but it takes Chōji growing in size to end the issue by eating them all, and then burning through the calories by converting them into chakra. The Akimichi win the contest.