Boruto Episode 83 – Ohnoki’s Justice

After Boruto and his friends finally arrive at Ohnoki’s place. For some reason he is refusing to help them. Not only that, they are suddenly attacked by “Akuta” group and someone called “Kuu” and got split up, so they all decide to head towards the meeting areas individually. Around then, Mitsuki, who is at Hidden Stone ninja Kokuyou’s hideout, is welcomed as a “friend” by another Hidden Stone ninja, Sekiei.

“Boruto” Episode 83 is going to present some interesting dilemmas for the heroes of the show, with one of the most revered characters of the series being revealed as a traitor. It would seem that it was Ohnoki who engineered the kidnapping of Mitsuki and in effect, betrayed the ally he once swore friendship to. This also means that he has betrayed his own granddaughter for what he justified as a means to save the world.

Boruto and his friends were in for a surprise when they discovered that the man whom they had hoped would help them rescue Mitsuki turned out to be the one responsible for the whole thing. “Boruto” Episode 83 will expand on the reasoning behind the act, but this still comes as a major shock to those who have come to admire the old ninja.

In the prequel to the current show, Ohnoki was one of the people who played a central role in saving the world from Madara. This earned him a distinguished place among fans who absolutely loved not only his personality but also his strength. As such, “Boruto” Episode 83 will likely serve as a sobering segment, which is made worse when Lord Kuu actually called him “Father.”

As to why he would even do such a thing that would risk another ninja war, Ohnoki will explain in “Boruto” Episode 83 that the Orochimaru clone will be central in their plans. This plan has to do with keeping world peace, but as many people already know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The same goes for what Ohnoki and Lord Kuu are planning.