Boruto Episode 79 – Reunion with Mitsuki

Reunion with Mitsuki

I want to say congratulations to the Genin for landing some hits on Kokuyou! Those fodder Jounin need to be sent back to the academy with their foolishness!

The teamwork between Shikadai, Sarada and Boruto was great, really starting to love the new gen. I do wish Sarada also used some Jutsu instead of just shuriken.

Boruto finally used a full rasengan, though I wish it would have been a bit more epic like the first time Naruto used the real rasengan against Kabuto.

Summoning Garaga was such a great moment. Boruto was looking real Op too standing on top till he got thrown down.

But that ending though…Mitsuki might as well have slapped him across the face. That was top ten anime betrayals. Though some people theorize that Mitsuki new Kokuyou was watching and did it to protect Boruto, but he also said he felt like his affection for Boruto was created so it could have been a real “I’m done Boruto!”. I feel like it’s a bit of both, but we’ll see. Overall loved this episode.

Also Kmart Deidara was pretty cool I guess.