Boruto Episode 76 – Incurring Wrath

Incurring Wrath

On their way to Garaga’s nest, the genin explain to Chōchō what a reverse scale is. Sarada thinks back to their lesson on the Summoning Technique in the Academy. They find very large snake tracks on the ground, and follow it to an open area that has seen damage. The genin recall the Sage’s explanation of Garaga going into frenzies over having lost an eye in battle. They get startled when coming across some snake statues, and find Garaga, who attacks them. Shikadai tries paralysing him, but Garaga is too big for him and breaks through his jutsu. Boruto spots Garaga’s reverse scale, but Garaga moves before he can attack. Sarada is thrown aside by Garaga’s movement, and is almost eaten, but another snake intervenes, biting Garaga, giving the genin a chance to escape. At Konoha, Moegi arrives alone for her report, and gives Shikamaru the shōgi piece Shikadai left behind, which confirms his suspicions something is amiss with Mitsuki’s departure. Uō’s condition is stabilising, so Sakura has Yurito deliver Naruto a report.

Tsunade discusses the situation with Naruto and Shikamaru, when Yurito delivers the report. Sarada thinks the blue snake was trying to protect her. The blue snake finds them, and introduces himself as Aoda, a summoning snake who has pledged loyalty to Sasuke. Garaga has a fit over Aoda’s interference. The genin explain their situation to Aoda. Shikadai notices Aoda doesn’t have a reverse scale, and asks if Garaga’s the only one who does. Aoda explains most violent snakes have them, and that they become milder once their reverse scale is removed. Aoda wants to escort them back to Konoha, but Sarada insists on their task. Shikamaru speculates on who would have knowledge to target Mitsuki. Teams 5 and 15 worry about Boruto and the others. Yurito steals something from the room where Uō is recovering. Hinata and Sakura meet on the office’s entrance, where Hinata apologises for Boruto taking Sarada with him, but Sakura says Sarada is responsible for her own decisions. Shikadai has devised a plan involving Boruto, Chōchō, and Aoda. An enlarged Chōchō challenges Garaga, creating a distraction for Inojin to cover his remaining eye with ink. Shikadai pins Garaga with his shadow, aided by Aoda and Chōchō to hold him in place. Boruto and Sarada try to get the reverse scale, but Garaga manages to dodge them, and hits Chōchō with a venom that petrifies her.