Boruto Episode 137: The Samurai Exchange Student

Wasabi, Namida, Sarada, and Chōchō discuss Sumire’s transfer to Scientific Ninja Weapons Team, which has been finalised. Namida and Sarada are sad they won’t be able to see her as often, as the new facility Sumire will be at is at the outskirts of the Land of Fire. Sarada wants to throw Sumire a farewell party, and plans to invite their Academy classmates.

On their way to learn about their new team-mate from Hanabi, a girl appears on Namida and Wasabi’s way, forcing Wasabi to change directions to avoid a collision, and the girl moves in a way that makes Wasabi fall. The girl is unimpressed by Konoha shinobi and leaves. Naruto and Shikamaru discuss the appointment of Sumire’s replacement, a samurai from the Land of Iron, Mifune’s last disciple, something Shikamaru says is unprecedented. Wasabi and Namida meet up with Hanabi, who chastises them for being late, and the girl they met earlier confirms her earlier opinion. Hanabi introduces her as Tsubaki Kurogane, their new team-mate, and asks them to show her around while she goes on a mission after Bingo Book criminals. Tsubaki rebukes Namida’s attempts at conversation, and assures the two she’s only there because she was ordered by her superiors, deeming there’s nothing for her to learn in Konoha, and that she’ll return home when her term is up. Wasabi wants to test Tsubaki’s skill, and prepares to fight. Tsubaki takes position, but calls it off, saying that if she had drawn her blade, Wasabi would be dead. Wasabi thinks samurai are just talk, and Tsubaki thinks her higher-ups don’t realise shinobi lack conviction. Sarada and Chōchō give the boys invitations for Sumire’s farewell party, and inform them of her samurai replacement.

The new Team 15 arrives, and readily antagonises the others. At the end of the day, Tsubaki thanks Wasabi for showing her around, which she felt proves her assessment of shinobi’s lack of conviction. At night, Wasabi and Namida discuss their situation, before spotting one of the criminals from Hanabi’s mission. Tsubaki thinks back to when she was told to go to the Land of Fire, and spots Namida and Wasabi tailing the criminal. The criminal spots Wasabi and Namida, and is joined by his two comrades. The girls and the criminals fight. When the criminals get the upper hand, Tsubaki arrives, and concedes that Wasabi standing up for Namida improved her opinion of shinobi a bit. She defeats the criminals. When Hanabi arrives, she scolds Namida and Wasabi for getting involved without clearance. Sumire introduces herself to Tsubaki and thanks her for protecting her friends.

Tsubaki admits there’s a lot she doesn’t know and wishes to learn. The next day, Sumire’s farewell party takes place, with all her Academy friends giving her gifts and words of encouragement. Checking that she’s alone in the park, Tsubaki tries fast-food from Lightning Burger and adores it.