Boruto Episode 136: The Samurai Foreign Student

The battle against Urashiki is over, and it’s time for Boruto and Sasuke to return to the place where they rightfully belong. Boruto is wistful about leaving Jiraiya and Naruto. Suddenly, Jiraiya makes a request to Sasuke.

Boruto managed to see the struggles that his father has faced in the past. He also witnessed the pain that Naruto went through. Now that they are about to return to the present, it’s likely that Boruto will be more appreciative of Naruto’s actions.

Aside from character development, Episode 135 also showcases impressive actions. New techniques have been revealed from Urashiki and Naruto-Boruto. Overall, Boruto Episode 135 and the Time Slip Arc is a total success. What are your thoughts on this episode? Make sure to leave us a comment below.