Boruto Episode 133: A Village Without Sasuke

Jiraiya tells Sasuke to dismiss his question about his identity as a joke. Boruto goes back to Naruto, the two get over their awkwardness from before and resume training. Jiraiya is willing to stop investigating Sasuke’s and Boruto’s identities if Sasuke gives him intel on Urashiki. Sasuke agrees to it, and thanks Jiraiya for his fūinjutsu, which allowed them to counter Urashiki’s chakra extraction. He informs Jiraiya of Urashiki’s space-time ninjutsu, that he’s able to sense it when Urashiki uses it, and that he might still have jutsu unknown to them. Sasuke asks how is Boruto and Naruto’s training going, and Jiraiya says he doesn’t know how it’ll turn out, as they’re also rather unknown to him.

Naruto takes Boruto to have ramen at Ichiraku. Boruto asks Naruto about Sasuke. Naruto tells him of the Uchiha Clan Downfall and how Sasuke deserted to gain power from the pain of solitude, and went to Orochimaru, surprising Boruto. He tells Boruto he’s training with Jiraiya to get stronger and bring Sasuke back, as he’s someone he was finally able to bond with him. Sasuke tells Jiraiya that while his jutsu prevented Urashiki from stealing his chakra, he still hasn’t replenished the chakra that was stolen during a previous fight, and that Urashiki could tell. Jiraiya wants to create an opportunity to seal Urashiki. Urashiki prepares to make his next move. While struggling with the training, Naruto thinks to apply the Leaf Concentration Practice, which improves their results.

Sakura arrives and asks Boruto about the paper Sasuke dropped. The note got smudged from being dropped in a puddle, but a few words are still readable, including Sarada’s name and Sasuke’s name. Boruto is able to deflect her questions by saying it’s probably someone else also named Sasuke. Sakura wants to ask Sasuke directly. Naruto and Boruto join Team Asuma for barbecue. Urashiki teleports in on Boruto and Naruto training.

Sasuke senses him. Urashiki uses Sasuke’s chakra to attack with Fire Release and Lightning Release. Jiraiya and Sasuke arrive, and Urashiki taunts Sasuke by attacking him with his own chakra. Jiraiya attempts a sneak attack, but Urashiki sees through it and impales Jiraiya with his rod. Urashiki claims his eyes can see the future.