Boruto Episode 132: Jiraiya’s Assignment

Naruto complains how early they have to train, and that Boruto lied about being a ninja. Boruto says that he’s on a secret mission, so he can’t freely share his name and identity. Naruto decides to trust him. Jiraiya wants to train Naruto and Boruto to synchronise their chakra, having noticed their chakra are very similar, to the point it synchronised in their last battle. However, he doesn’t know what kind of Cooperation Ninjutsu they’ll end up developing. They try it, but fail, and Jiraiya explains that to do it properly, their chakra nature, power, and flow must be aligned. Since Jiraiya states their chakra nature is already similar, they need to focus on power and flow, his observation earning praise from Jiraiya.

They try it again, but the trauma of being attacked by Naruto when the Nine-Tails’ chakra made him rampage hinders Boruto’s performance. Jiraiya asks them what they visualise then trying to sync, and based on Boruto’s answer, he confirms he knows the Rasengan, much to Naruto’s surprise. Boruto realises that if they both try to sync visualising the Rasengan, the power and flow of their chakra will be better aligned.

Jiraiya wants them to go back to Rasengan basics, and gives them a rubber ball to pop. They’re unable to do it, but are in sync enough to expand it a bit. Jiraiya leaves them training to run an errand, how they’ll do, and observes Sasuke keeping an eye on them from a distance. They keep at it, unable to pop the ball, Boruto’s trauma still interfering, until Boruto runs out of chakra. Naruto realises Boruto’s uneasiness when he recoils from his hand, and feels guilty. They take a break.

Boruto stresses over not being able to talk to anyone, walks around and comes by the Hyūga estate, where he watches Hinata and Neji training. When he leaves, Neji approaches Boruto, having noticed him while he sparred with Hinata. He asks Neji why he and Hinata treat each other so formally and informally. Neji briefly explains their history, and notices something’s on Boruto’s mind. Boruto tells him about his situation with Naruto. Neji tells Boruto not to pity Naruto, and explains how he taught Neji one can determine another’s fate. Boruto is encouraged by Neji’s words. Jiraiya tasks Sasuke with bringing the boys something to eat. Sasuke talks to Naruto, and the two talk about their situations. Naruto is encouraged by Sasuke’s words. At Konoha, Sakura bumps into Sasuke, who rushes away, but a paper drops from his clothes into a puddle, which she picks up and looks at. Jiraiya meets up with Sasuke, and asks him if he’s Sasuke.