Boruto Episode 126: Shukaku’s Trick

At Konoha, Naruto, Sasuke, and Shikamaru discuss the situation. They’re concerned about the other tailed beasts, now that they know Urashiki wants to collect massive quantities of chakra. They wish to convene a Five Kage Summit. Shukaku complains about their situation, and Naruto explains they’ll stay with him. Shukaku only agrees because Gaara asked them, feeling uncomfortable with sharing a roof with Kurama.

Kurama and Shukaku exchange insults. Naruto arrives home with Shukaku, explaining they’ll stay with them until an official safehouse is picked. Boruto and Shukaku greet each other, and Himawari is instantly taken by how cute she finds Shukaku. Boruto asks Naruto and Shukaku about the tailed beasts. Naruto gives them a brief history of tailed beasts and jinchūriki. He later meets with the tailed beasts in their mental plane, though Matatabi, Kokuō, and Chōmei decided not to participate. They talk about their protection, and the others comment on Shukaku’s absence in the meeting, which Kurama teasingly attributes to their current situation. While tucking Himawari in, Naruto and Kurama recall how she knocked them both out when she awakened her Byakugan. Shukaku overhears it and becomes intrigued. The next day, they all leave together, Shukaku eager to learn how she knocked Kurama out so they can tease Kurama about it.

They spend the day together, and ultimate end up at the Senju park, where Naruto takes a nap. Shukaku sees nothing unusual about Himawari, so they ask her aside and questions her about it. She doesn’t remember any of it, and Shukaku disregards her. Shukaku falls asleep, and their kettle is picked up, being mistaken for trash. Boruto and Himawari ask a park employee, who explains the trash was taken to a scrap yard. As they watch a trash compactor, Himawari blames herself for not watching Shukaku closely. The stress of the situation triggers her Byakugan, allowing her to find Shukaku’s kettle.

Shukaku awakes from the ruckus, and sees Himawari with the Byakugan. When it deactivates, she has no memory of it. Boruto breaks their fall. At night, Shukaku and Kurama actually bond over how the Uzumaki’s drive them crazy, and are never boring. Shukaku figures Kurama actually likes them. The next day, Naruto takes Shukaku away, who waves Himawari and Boruto goodbye with their tail. Naruto and Shikamaru discuss the tailed beasts’ safehouses, and Shikamaru muses at how Shukaku sleeps so carefree, and how he doesn’t understand tailed beasts at all. Naruto says they’re just like a family.