Boruto Episode 101: Jugo’s Reinforcements

Boruto watches the birds and thinks about Jūgo being taken away. Sarada and Mitsuki try to reassure him, and suggest focusing on finding Sumire. The Land of Rivers researchers prepare to begin experimenting on Jūgo. Sumire and Nue look for Namida and Wasabi, but run into Karin and Suigetsu.

Nue attacks Suigetsu, who retaliates. Team 7 hears the ruckus of their confrontation. Suigetsu’s counterattack is enough to cause Nue’s summoning to end. Team 7 arrives, Mitsuki and Sarada recognising Suigetsu and Karin before Boruto can attack. They tend to Sumire, and Suigetsu explains they’re there to take Jūgo back to Orochimaru. Team 7 explains Jūgo’s situation, and Suigetsu decides to get him back from the researchers, so as information on his cursed seal and connection to Orochimaru remain concealed. Suigetsu is unconcerned by Jūgo’s efforts to save the birds, annoying Boruto, pointing out Boruto has just met him, while Suigetsu has known him for years. Boruto requests they wait until Sumire wakes up, so she can tell them what she knows about Wasabi and Namida’s cursed seal infections. Karin and Sarada catch up with each other, and Karin wants Sumire to bite her for healing. Mitsuki teases Suigetsu. Jūgo wakes up and Tosaka explains where they are. Suigetsu explains to Boruto that Jūgo has tried to overcome his destiny before, but has come to accept it. Boruto counters he knows someone who is trying their hardest to live the way they want, and compares that to Jūgo’s commitment to helping the birds despite the risks. Mitsuki informs them Sumire is awake.

Sumire tells them of the twins with cursed seals wearing collars, who Boruto remembers as part of the Land of Rivers research them. Sumire speculates they’re doing something they don’t want discovered. Suigetsu believes they’re after Jūgo’s cursed seal. Karin decides everyone should collaborate, lest unfavourable reports are made to Konoha, that would eventually reach Orochimaru due to their involvement. Sarada and Karin will lure the twins away, so the others can go in and rescue everyone else. Momo and Sasami boast about their cursed seals to a restrained Wasabi and Namida. The research leader tells them to clean up their mess, and sends them after Sumire. They spot her, actually a transformed Sarada. Sumire will look for her team-mates, Mitsuki will look for Konohamaru, Boruto and Suigetsu will look for Jūgo. Sasami finds Sumire’s movements suspicious. Boruto and Suigetsu run into Tosaka, Sumire finds the girls, who inform her the serum on the desk will remove their cursed seals. Boruto updates Tosaka and asks where Jūgo is. The Land of Rivers research leader tries to assassinate Konohamaru, but Mitsuki got to him in time. Sarada drops her disguise and is joined by Karin, but only Sasami reaches them. Momo doubles back and comes across Team 15. Tosaka takes Boruto and Suigetsu to where Jūgo is, and uses tranquillisers on them as they try to free him, welcoming them to his research lab.