Boruto Episode 10 – The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!

The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!

Frustrated by his Byakugan failure, Boruto relaunches his investigation into the possessions in what Shikadai has dubbed “The Ghost Incident”. Realizing their parents are closing in on the culprit as well they take advantage of a school assignment and pose as mailmen to explore the city. All over the city we see other students doing their own job shadows, which offer cute anecdotes into the various classmate’s interests. This field trip also delivers one of the episode’s funnier moments, in which Boruto attempts to distribute the mail by recklessly throwing envelopes and packages around as if they were kunai.

As I said, I do appreciate the field trip story because it offers the show another chance to demonstrate what modern life is like in the ninja world. These scenes depicting everyday life in the village were some of my favorite parts from the show’s beginnings, but they have become increasingly rare. I found myself wishing this episode would’ve done more with this field trip side story. It does offer an interesting moment wherein a citizen is starstruck upon seeing Naruto, which to me demonstrated just how distant the ninja ethos is from modern society.

On the subject of Naruto, it is interesting how he, as well as the other original series characters, have taken on a much bigger role in recent episodes. Sai shows up to assist in the investigation, hinting that a special task force within the ANBU Black Ops might be responsible for the possessions. Alongside the recent reveal of Toneri, it feels like the legacy characters and stories can’t help but creep their way into Boruto’s plot. I feel that this is par for the course for many spin-off/sequel shows, but I hope these constant cameos and throwbacks don’t become a crutch used to drum up quick hype in otherwise trite episodes.

The episode ends on yet another cliffhanger, continuing the trend of multipart episodes. I have nothing wrong with Boruto following this format, but unless the episodes start to feel more significant I will keep wishing for a longer arc. The village life scenes are a nice change of pace, and crossovers between the ninja and casual lifestyle are good for an entertaining moment. As much as I want to get excited about Naruto’s involvement in the investigation, I’ve been burned one too maybe times to get my hopes up. I’m not holding my breath for any major revelations.